Intel Unveils New 8th Gen Intel Core i9 Processor for Laptops

Intel Unveils New 8th Gen Intel Core i9 Processor for Laptops

Mobile computing is becoming increasingly popular and with this in mind, Intel announced the highest performance CPU's for laptops that leverage Thermal Velocity Boost.

Intel calls the eighth generation Core i9 "the highest-performance laptop processor Intel has ever built", emphasizing both the gaming and content creation capabilities of the new chip.

Intel's new family of processors are incredibly powerful, and as stated earlier, bring a more desktop-like experience to mobile computers.

So, what else is Intel saying about its 8th-gen processors for laptops family?

The Core i9-8950HK comes with a base clock speed of 2.9GHz, but it's also fully unlocked, meaning that overclocking should be much easier than it was with some previous Intel processors. TVB opportunistically and automatically increases clock frequency up to 200 MHz if the processor temperature is low enough and turbo power budget is available. Specifically, Intel claims the tech will offer 3.9 times faster data transfer speeds on desktop and 4.7 times faster speeds on notebooks. Other H-series CPUs announced by Intel include Xeon E-2176M, i7-8850H, i7-8750H, i5-8400H, and Core i5 8300-H. There always needs to be a reason to upgrade, right? There's also support for Intel Optane memory to ensure accessing storage doesn't form a performance bottleneck regardless of whether you pair it with an SSD or hard drive. We're sure many console gamers will switch to PC in the near future pushed by the superior gaming performance offered by 6-core gaming laptops and computers.

Intel said the new mobile processor range adds a new Intel 300 Series Chipset with integrated Gigabit Wi-Fi, which can be twice as fast as the standard 2×2 802.11AC 80 MHz. Intel first revealed its 18 core Core i9 Extreme chip, aimed at desktop PCs, nearly a year ago now.

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The Optane-fueled Data Drive Acceleration helps the secondary HDDs by boosting their load times.

What is Intel Optane memory? .

The chip giant says the new eighth-generation Core i9 chip is the highest-performance laptop processor it has released to date.

So, there you have it.

Intel announced that Penryn (launched in 2007), Yorkfield (2007), Wolfdale (2007), Bloomfield (2008), Clarksfield (2009), Nehalem-based Jasper Forest (2010), and Intel Atom "SoFIA" (2015) will no longer receive the Spectre patches, as originally promised.

Having "more cores" is definitely new mantra this season irrespective of desktop or laptop processors.

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