Hands-free Alexa coming to Amazon Fire tablets

Hands-free Alexa coming to Amazon Fire tablets

If you have several Amazon Echo devices lying around your house and you want to save time calling everyone down to dinner, this new Alexa feature will make your life easier.

Rolling out to users in the United States and Canada, Amazon devices can now act as a one-way intercom system in a home. This means that if you're just looking for a way to make your home smarter, these bundles could be worth taking a look at which you can find on Amazon's website.

The Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are two of the hottest consumer products in the United States, but they have been having troubles getting new applications, known as "skills". For example, you might want your Echo to turn on the lights, tell you the weather, and then play some soft music when you say "Alexa, good morning" - or "Alexa, I hate Mondays". And it won't be Alexa telling them, the user's own voice will be the one heard over the Echo speakers.

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Which devices work with Alexa Announcements? There are times when you don't need a verbal confirmation that Alexa has accomplished something.

It is a sweet feature for households that have not yet bought a second Echo speaker. You can have Alexa show your Cloud Cam feed on devices like a Fire tablet, Echo Show, or Fire TV as well. Moreover, purchasing the "Amazon Special Offer" in-game item in Caesars Slots until next Sunday will also provide you with one Echo Dot smart speaker free of charge.

Amazon Key's smart entry features is now available to all customers across the United States, including keyless entry, remote lock and unlock, and guest access. Compatible Echo devices include just about everything, though the Echo Tap is now not supported.

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