Stormy Daniels' lawyer offers $100000 for info on man who threatened her

Stormy Daniels' lawyer offers $100000 for info on man who threatened her

Twitter Thinks Stormy Daniels's Sketch Looks like Tom Brady On Tuesday's "The View" on ABC, Daniels released a composite sketch of the man she alleges threatened her in 2011.

She added that she did not tell police about the threat because she was afraid, and did not want to reveal her alleged sexual encounter with Mr Trump.

Ms Daniels appeared on the United States daytime show "The View" on Tuesday to repeat her recollection of what allegedly happened on the night in 2011.

She began by explaining why she had chosen to appear at Michael Cohen's Monday hearing, saying, "I'm exhausted of being threatened, I'm done".

Daniels said he had his hands in his pocket, and told her she had a "a attractive little girl", and warned that "it would be a shame if something happened to her mother".

She'd put herself in a position, Daniels explained, where it seemed like "more trouble to say no" to Trump's alleged advances.

Daniels says she had sex once with Mr Trump in 2006 and that Mr Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid her 130,000 U.S. dollars days before the 2016 election for her silence.

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Trump has denied any knowledge of the hush agreement payment to Daniels, which was made just days before the November 2016 presidential election.

Clifford, during an appearance on CBS' "60 Minutes" last month, said a man approached her in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011 and demanded she stay quiet about the alleged affair. Forget the story." The man then cryptically added, "That's a attractive little girl.

"I was like, wait, that didn't go like I thought it was going to", she told the hosts.

"At the top of the sketch, it states that the man is between 5'9" and 6′ tall, between his 30s and early 40s, and with a lean but "fit" body type.

The conservative panelist on the ABC daytime talk show suggested that their legal crusade against President Donald Trump and his attorney, Michael Cohen, was nothing more than a massive "publicity stunt". She never saw the man again but said she would "100%" be able to recognize him if she did. But she said the attention has come at a steep price. She said she did not report the incident to the police because she was scared.

Daniels described the man as "well dressed", and said he wore a suit.

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