Amber Rudd to resign over Windrush scandal?

Amber Rudd to resign over Windrush scandal?

Speaking at the Home Affairs Select Committee in relation to the recent Windrush scandal, Rudd claimed that the Home Office did not set targets for the removal of illegal migrants.

Ms Cooper said she had asked the Home Office whether it has targets for immigration removals after "contradictory evidence" from the Home Secretary and the Immigration Services Union. He suggests Rudd's hands are tied on the Windrush scandal as she can not do "the unpicking of the hostile environment policy which represents the major legislative accomplishment of Theresa May's time at the Home Office and the only legislative accomplishment of May's time at Downing Street".

Ms Rudd said she never agreed to the use of removal targets: "I would never support a policy that puts targets ahead of people". She said that there were "local" home office targets for illegal immigration against which performance was assessed.

"Isn't it time that the Home Secretary considered her honour and resign?" asked the Labour Party's home affairs spokeswoman, Diane Abbott.

The fallout from the Windrush scandal continues as conflicting information over whether the Home Office set immigration targets has emerged.

"I do take seriously my responsibility but I do think I am the person who can put it right", Ms Rudd said. "I don't know what more I can do".

Rudd told reporters she did not want immigration officers to be set targets for the number of people who need to be removed from Britain and distanced herself from government statements it wanted to create a "hostile environment" for illegal immigrants.

But the BBC and the Guardian said that a Home Office inspection report from December 2015 showed that targets for the voluntary departure of people regarded as having no right to stay in the United Kingdom had been used.

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The Guardian's Amelia Gentleman, who uncovered the story of the retired Canadian widow who has lived in the United Kingdom for 44 years before being threatened with deportation, asks the same question on Twitter. "I'm confident that we will see a marked change in tone".

The Green Party has echoed calls for Amber Rudd to quit, saying that her confirmation of the existence of targets had "confirmed our worst fears about the Home Office".

Rudd was forced to return to the House of Commons on Thursday morning to face questions from MPs, who argued she had misled the committee. She said that some decisions were now being taken by staff at a lower grade, and said the quality of the data upon which caseworkers had to base their decisions was "particularly poor". For 2015/16, the annual target was raised to 12,000.

Many have been asked to provide large amounts of documentation to prove how long they have been living in the UK.

Lucy Moreton, general secretary of the Immigration Service Union, had told the MPs a national target, broken down regionally, had been set to remove people in the United Kingdom illegally, and staff were under "increasing pressure".

PM May has also come under fire for her suspected role in the Home Office's policy and hostility toward the Windrush generation, as she formerly headed the department.

The once hotly-tipped candidate to become the next Tory leader now seems to be running around like a chaotic hotel manager not dissimilar to Basil Fawlty, trying to plug holes, self-inflicted from the incompetent running of her Home Office department.

Baxter said the people answering the calls "don't really know or understand" the cases or the concerns of the callers.

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