Donald Trump is suddenly being touted to win a Nobel Peace Prize

Donald Trump is suddenly being touted to win a Nobel Peace Prize

The campaign to award a 2019 Nobel Peace Prize to the current president - regularly criticized for delivering personal attacks on Twitter - is heating up, following news of this week's historic summit between North and South Korea that could mark the first step toward denuclearizing the peninsula.

Earlier in 2018, a Trump nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize was declared to be fake by the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

According to the senator, the recent developments were made possible because "Donald Trump convinced North Korea and China he was serious about bringing about change". Critics like Laura Ingraham are also claiming that former Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize was not deserved in comparison to Trump.

Heads are also exploding from Chappaqua to Hollywood as the unfathomable idea sinks in that, despite Trump's lack of a moral or political core, despite the fact that he has tarnished the presidency with his nasty bullying, race-baiting, unmoored tweeting and authoritarian tendencies, he could get a second term. "Give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize".

Now calls are mounting to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Trump.

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Secretary of state says he's looking into 'potential solutions to the very flaws that President Trump has identified for a long time now'.

A Getty Images photo showed people in Seoul, South Korea - described in the caption as activists who support Korean reunification - holding placards saying Trump would win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Graham added that if Kim thinks he's going to "play" Trump and continue developing North Korea's nuclear program, then he's making a mistake.

Graham noted how, despite criticism, Trump broke with his predecessors and pursued a different strategy with North Korea. It wouldn't have happened without Trump.

As tensions along the Korean peninsula ease, some lawmakers are giving the credit to President Trump. "Trump, Xi, Moon and Kim together get my vote for the Nobel Peace Prize".

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