Trump to meet crew of deadly Southwest Airlines flight

Trump to meet crew of deadly Southwest Airlines flight

According to the suit, Chavez suffered physical injuries from the flight, as she was seated three rows behind the smashed window that killed passenger Jennifer Riordan.

In the week following the investigation, Southwest Airlines canceled flights to perform engine inspection.

President Trump is set to meet with the crew of the Southwest Airlines flight that experienced an engine explosion, killing Albuquerque mother Jennifer Riordan. After the traumatic events that led to an emergency landing, Lilia Chavez filed a lawsuit Thursday against Southwest Airlines in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. Other passengers pulled her back inside the cabin and tried to revive her.

The president went on to talk about Tammie Jo Shultz, the pilot who was able to land the plane safely despite the technical failures.

She never regained consciousness, and was eventually taken off life support, it added. Chavez also "contacted her children to tell them that she loved them and that she was preparing to die aboard the crippled aircraft", says the lawsuit.

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Trump is also facing a NY defamation lawsuit filed by Summer Zervos, a former contestant on "The Apprentice". An attorney representing Trump in another legal matter in NY did not respond to an email seeking comment.

The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating what caused the window to break and what caused the metal fatigue in the area where a fan blade broke off from one of the plane's engines.

Southwest apologized for the incident and gave money and travel vouchers to passengers on the flight.

Southwest said it can't comment on any pending litigation. We joined our Company today in focused work and interviews with investigators. "The Safety and security of our Employees and Customers is our highest priority at all times".

In addition to the airline, Safran and General Electric are named as defendants as joint venture partners in CFM International which manufactures the engines. "And it affects every person who flies as passengers in commercial aircraft".

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