Reuben Foster threw dog before domestic-violence arrest

Reuben Foster threw dog before domestic-violence arrest

SAN JOSE, Calif. - San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster on Tuesday entered a plea of not guilty to three felony charges, including domestic violence, stemming from an incident involving his former girlfriend on February 11.

Almost two weeks after the initial charges, Foster's ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, recanted her accusations that Foster struck her eight-to-10 times in the head, rupturing her eardrum.

In her original report, Ennis, 28, told police that she and Foster had been arguing the night before and he had become angry and thrown her dog across the room.

Through her attorney, Ennis recanted her February 11 accusation that Foster hurt her and that she was originally retaliating against him for ending their relationship.

There is a video of that fight with another woman, Rickard said, adding that Foster tried to end his relationship with Ennis after learning of the incident. He faces two charges of domestic violence and one felony charge of possession of an assault weapon.

A judge is set to determine at a May 17 hearing whether the case - which includes a felony domestic violence charge - will to go to trial. The Apr. 12 report indicated she was bruised and suffered a ruptured ear drum. According to Barrows, the rifle was loaded and found on the bathroom floor upon the police's arrival. Jim Demertzis, supervising attorney in the DA's family violence unit, said after Foster's April 30 court appearance that the office was proceeding carefully. It's unlikely prosecutors would exercise their option to file false-reporting charges against Ennis because their own case rests on bolstering the authenticity of the initial account she gave to police, as well as relying on other independent evidence like medical records, witness accounts and the 911 call.

Foster was present and his attorney, Josh Bentley, informed the court of Foster's position in the case related to a domestic violence incident that carries three formal charges.

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Police photographed Ennis' injuries at the scene, recording a swollen lip, scratches and a cut on the back of her neck and a scraped knee.

Legal analyst Steven Clark said, "this is a gamble".

Foster also has a separate court date in Tuscaloosa, Ala., set for Wednesday in regard to a January 12 arrest for second-degree marijuana possession.

Due to the addition of the video evidence, Foster's plea hearing was delayed until May 8. Ennis then went to a nearby intersection and flagged down a driver to call 911. Foster physically threw her out both times.

The 49ers have asked Foster to stay away from the team facility and the ongoing offseason program until his case is resolved or there's a significant development.

49ers GM John Lynch has said the team will release Reuben Foster if his domestic violence charges are proven true. "We try to have a consistent standard, but of course, talent kind of dictates some level of that".

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