Square Enix Set For E3 2018 Announcements

Square Enix Set For E3 2018 Announcements

Instead, Square Enix will be holding a special video stream where viewers will be able to discover more about the "exciting lineup" that's mentioned in the tweet below.

The stream is produced in advance and will begin at 10 AM (PDT).

Today Square Enix announced a new livestream covering both Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PS4 and the arcade original Dissidia Final Fantasy. IGN believed that the video game company might speak about Shadow of the Tomb Raider at the conference.

The Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018 will be archived here. Also in the world of RPGs, we've got Final Fantasy VII Remake, which has also been in development for an eternity. Square Enix is always good for a few really good surprises, so there's a chance we might see some Final Fantasy related content, as well.

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The biggest reveal of all could be our first look at the untitled Avengers game that Square Enix has Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montréal working on. And the team at People Can Fly have a AAA game set to be published by Square Enix that we know nothing about at this point.

Since they have not held a conference for past two years some major announcements are expected.

Thankfully, with so many games in the works, Square Enix has the opportunity to share those in-progress titles with the gaming world at large in just over a month's time.

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