For Palestinians, US Embassy move a show of pro-Israel bias

For Palestinians, US Embassy move a show of pro-Israel bias

But he stressed the event will be a bilateral US-Israeli celebration, downplaying reports that very few, if any, diplomats from other countries that have not recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital will attend.

Friedman said around 800 people were expected for the ceremony, he added, explaining that in addition to the previously announced United States presidential delegation, a "healthy number" of American lawmakers were also set to attend.

He said that Israel has been accused of using excessive force, but it claims it is just protecting its border.

The border march on Monday will coincide with the historic movement of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Gaza Health ministry said in an official statement that 49 Palestinians were killed and more than 8,000 injured by Israeli army gunfire since the beginning of the marches.

The move, Trump said, broke with decades of failed policy on Jerusalem during which the us and most world powers declined to recognize the city as the capital of Israel.

It would be politically hard for any Trump successor to move the embassy back to Tel Aviv, though the next administration could theoretically still try to broker talks on the future of Jerusalem, said Nathan Thrall of the International Crisis Group think tank.

Hamas" political chief Ismail Haniya arrives in Cairo to discuss "developments' in Palestine and the region.

A Palestinian man has been shot dead and dozens more wounded as tensions flare on the border between Gaza and Israel.

3 adults, 4 children found dead on property in Western Australia
Now, police and forensic investigators are combing the property for clues as to how the tragic events unfolded. Police are treating the incident as a murder-suicide, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation .

- Florida Governor Rick Scott is visiting Israel and will be on hand for the opening of the USA embassy in Jerusalem.

Rival Palestinian faction Fatah, led by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah that governs parts of the occupied West Bank, signed a reconciliation agreement with Hamas under Egypt's auspices in October 2017, but the terms of the agreement signed in the Egyptian capital have not been implemented.

On Tuesday, Palestinians will mark Nakba, referring to the mass uprooting during the Mideast war over the 1948 creation of Israel.

On Sunday, scuffles broke out between Israelis and Muslim security officers in the holy compound in east Jerusalem's Old City.

President Trump's last name is used for branding purposes throughout the world.

Like Friedman, he has argued that it helps make peace possible by taking Jerusalem "off the table", but many have pointed out that he has not announced any concessions in return from Israel.

The US government will move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday.

Underscoring the conflict's volatility, thousands of Gaza residents plan to march on Monday toward Israel's border and possibly breach it in an attempt to break a decade-old blockade of their territory.

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