EU's Barnier fires new warning on June Brexit deadline

EU's Barnier fires new warning on June Brexit deadline

"No decision has been already taken for the future cooperation between the United Kingdom and Galileo", he told reporters in Brussels.

Diplomats and officials in Brussels note little progress in Brexit negotiations since the European Union leaders last met, raising doubt about whether the bloc and London would be able to mark another milestone at the next top-level summit on June 28-29.

"If Brussels or Dublin insist upon rejecting all the practical approaches that we propose it is, with regret, that we will have to graciously accept their rejection", he added. "We want to be part of the secure elements of the system and we want United Kingdom industry to be able to bid for contracts on a fair basis".

Barnier said the "two key points where there is a risk of failure" is the Irish issue, and the governance of any future Brexit deal, which Britain says must be out of the hands of the EU's top court. It would see Britain collect tariffs on behalf of Brussels on goods from non-EU countries set to be re-exported to the continent.

And he defended the EU's stance over the UK's involvement in the new Galileo sat-nav system.

However, the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson, recently named one of the ten projects on customs temporary agreement after Brexit "madness".

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Barnier, meanwhile, continued to lament the snail's pace of progress in the EU's Brexit talks with Britain, insisting that a crucial June 28-29 European Union summit on the issue was quickly drawing close.

Barnier later said that there had been "a little, not very little progress" but warned that more was urgently needed.

"Nobody must have to underestimate the key rendezvous of June", he added, when the EU's 27 remaining leaders and British Prime Minister Theresa May will have their two-day summit.

Other outstanding issues include guarantees for expatriate rights, agreeing on security cooperation and trade rules after Brexit, to ensure a deal is in place when Britain leaves in March 2019, and an adaptation period ends at the end of 2020.

Miliband said Monday that staying in the EEA would provide "a safe harbor for Britain after Brexit".

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