No Man's Sky Xbox One release set for July, bringing multiplayer

No Man's Sky Xbox One release set for July, bringing multiplayer

The new Xbox One update also introduces support for 120Hz refresh rate for 1080p and 1440p output resolutions on Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Of course, you need a monitor or TV that supports 120Hz for this, but it's a nice option to have if you're after it.

The announcement was made on Inside Xbox today. There's now a new "Groups" tab present in the "My Games & apps" section, allowing you to make custom folders for games and apps you want to group together. I know that you've waited long enough. This grouping feature is not shipping with the update as we had reported earlier.

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Fiege also mentioned that the studio is now filming Captain Marvel with Brie Larson in the lead. "We have plans for that once we've introduced Captain Marvel to the world".

If you are an Xbox One user, there is important news for you because the May update is now available and with it new features that will satisfy the visual aspect enthusiasts and those who like to interact with their friends and share content. After enabling permission, the accounts will be linked. To link the accounts, you'll have to boot up the Discord app on PC or on mobile. In this way, it will only suffice for you to define its screen or video captures and select the Trim option, without having to go through Upload Studio.

The game now does have a limited form of multiplayer, but with the update, players will be able to interact with other players better, such as grouping up with them to survive, build, race, and relax. And finally, with the new intuitive button commands, you can use the "View" button on Home to edit the order of blocks or reorder items within Groups.

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