Spokesman: Iran to stay in Syria as long as needed

Spokesman: Iran to stay in Syria as long as needed

'Those who entered Syria without the permission of the Syrian government are the ones that must leave the country'.

After a surprise visit by Assad to Russia Thursday, President Vladimir Putin announced that Damascus had agreed to send a delegation to United Nations-chaired constitutional talks in Geneva.

Mr Lieberman said: "We, of course, struck nearly all the Iranian infrastructure in Syria, and they need to remember this arrogance of theirs". He and his counterpart hailed the beginning of the "political process" in Syria amid an ongoing "fight against terrorism".

Last month, the Israeli military targeted an advanced Iranian air-defense system at the T4 base in Syria and not just attack drone deployment, the Wall Street Journal reported. Russian Federation emerged as Assad's most powerful backer, helping to put down a rebellion against the Syrian President when it intervened on his behalf in 2015.

Those air raids were said to have destroyed some 200 missiles and killed at least 26 fighters, mostly Iranians.

President Rivlin calls for restraint in the wake of Israel-Turkey row
He said that while the protests may not have been peaceful, the use of live ammunition was an inappropriate response. Haley walked out of the meeting when the Palestinian envoy began speaking, a symbolic gesture.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, sad: "Whoever hurts us, we will hurt him sevenfold".

"As long as it is needed, terrorism threat is not eliminated and the Syrian government's help request continues Iran will remain in Syria", Ghasemi told reporters in Tehran May 21.

The ambassador was commenting on a May 10 incident, in which Israel conducted what it called its most intensive airstrikes on Syria in decades.

No doubt the two leaders, both long branded worldwide pariahs by the West, had a lot to discuss after the uptick of external military action in Syria, but likely looming larger was the Iran and Israel question, and Israel's continued threats of attack should its "Iranian red line" go unenforced.

The goal of "Operation Chess" was to prevent Iran from carrying out reprisals for an Israeli airstrike against the Iranian-controlled T-4 air base in central Syria on April 9, which killed at least seven members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including a senior officer responsible for its drone program.

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