Venezuelan Maduro Celebrates Re-Election With Fireworks

Venezuelan Maduro Celebrates Re-Election With Fireworks

In Beijing, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said China believed Venezuela could handle its own affairs and the choice of the people should be respected.

The U.S. announcement came after a coalition of 14 nations from throughout the Americas, including Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, pledged to scale back diplomatic relations with Venezuela and urge global organizations not to issue the Venezuelan government any new credit unless it pertains to humanitarian aid.

Prior to Sunday, CEELA observers participated in all fourteen of the pre-election audits conducted by the CNE in conjunction with all participating political parties, in addition to overseeing the "hot audit" of 54.4 percent of all voting machines mandatorily carried out on election day.

"Many people have cancelled their flights to Venezuela in the past few days", he said.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (C-Front) delivers a speech during an event to celebrate his reelection at the Miraflores Palace, in Caracas, Venezuela, on May 20, 2018.

"It's the biggest victory a presidential candidate has obtained in the history of Venezuela", Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez proclaimed.

Monday's executive order acts in coordination with the declaration from the 14-nation Lima Group, comprised of free countries in the Americas that stand in opposition to the Maduro regime.

Trading of Venezuelan government and PDVSA debt was mixed but volumes remained thin in NY on Monday afternoon, with election results considered a formality and offering little to change investor viewpoints.

The result led his main political opponents to call for another vote to prevent a national crisis.

Feng Xueting who runs a travel agency in Enping, said the election result had not been good for business.

Venezuelan citizens living in Argentina shout slogans during a protest against the presidential election in Venezuela in Buenos Aires Argentina
President Trump Approves New Sanctions On Venezuela

Maduro first took office in 2013 after his predecessor Hugo Chavez died and is set to govern Venezuela for another six-year term, from January 2019 to 2025.

"We've never seen a country as wealthy in terms of natural resources and human capital as Venezuela is driven into such an economic death spiral so quickly by such a small group of individuals determined to enrich themselves at the expense of millions of people", said the administration official.

Officials also outlined how the Maduro regime is using hunger as a weapon by parceling food and during the election, awarding food and small change to those who "voted" for Maduro. "It doesn't faze me when they say I'm a dictator".

A US official said the measures close a set of loopholes, especially those involving debt owed to the government.

Turnout in the previous three presidential elections averaged around 79 percent. Maduro accused his opponents of trying to "demonize" a program meant to address the social crisis and not assert political control.

Falcon was joined in his call for a new election by third-place finisher Javier Bertucci, who got around 11 percent of the vote.

National Electoral Council President Tibisay Lucena acknowledged a handful of complaints, but insisted they were minor compared to past elections.

Signs that the opposition remained divided over the next steps forward were apparent Monday.

However, as proven in the elections on Sunday, the Venezuelan people know that the responsibility for this crisis lies with the imperial powers, and that the way to confront the crisis is not through the dollarization proposed by Henri Falcón, but through deepening the Bolivarian revolution.

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