Free 'Pokémon Quest' RPG released today on Nintendo Switch

Free 'Pokémon Quest' RPG released today on Nintendo Switch

Like Minecraft blocky. The game features "Pokecells" which are the blocky versions of Pokemon you see in the video below.

Earlier this evening, the Pokemon Company announced a brand new Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch, called Pokemon Let's Go.

Two years after Pokemon Co.'s summer smartphone hit Pokemon Go had fans chasing mythical creatures around the world, a new round of games is set to be released. The two new games go on sale November 16 at 5,980 yen ($55) apiece.

The game can be controlled entirely from touchscreen, or with regular controls and TV mode on the Switch. The unified gaming experience is straight out of Nintendo's playbook, encouraging people to move around and get physical.

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Also new to the game is the option for a second player to join in using the second Nintendo Joy-Con. Nintendo's partnership with Pokemon is deep. While Pokemon Go and even Super Mario Run can be considered one-hit wonders, this cross-platform strategy and accessories could be just what Nintendo and Pokemon Co. need to secure ongoing revenue.

There's also a Poke Ball Plus device that seemingly lets you take Pikachu out for a stroll with you. The gadget will initially be sold only in Japan.

VentureBeat is also reporting that there is no trading in the new games. "The next introduction to its popular core RPG series, which was teased a year ago at E3, will arrive in late 2019 on Nintendo Switch for the first time", it said.

While there aren't any new details on the upcoming game, it does hint that more details on the game may be shared soon. Players can also give presents to their Pokemon Go accounts.

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