Police release body cam video of woman's arrest at New Jersey beach

Police release body cam video of woman's arrest at New Jersey beach

Police investigating video depicting officer punching woman during arrestIn the video you can see 20-year-old Emily Weinman getting breathalyzed by a Wildwood police officer, having been approached for suspicion of underage drinking.

Emily Weinman, 20, was approached by officers after they discovered alcoholic beverages in her possession, NJ.com reports. She's facing two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and other charges, according to Wildwood police.

Body camera footage reveals a physical altercation that took place on Wildwood Beach between New Jersey police officer and woman. In the meantime, the officers involved in the incident have been reassigned to administrative duty.

Police will release body camera video showing the officers being insulted and spat on.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Weinman claims she was targeted by police because family and friends were drinking nearby. Did she deserve to get hit?

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As Weinman shouts for her boyfriend, she turns around and slams an officer in the chest, which police say caused his camera to turn off. She argues that the alcohol isn't opened, but one of the officers tell her that because the bottle is visible, she can be charged for an "open display". She's heard telling officers it belongs to her aunt before she's given a breathalyzer test twice and asked her age and name. "I keep hearing this, you know, 'She's just a woman she's just a woman.' She's a combatant at that point".

Weinman's arrest and the way the officers handled the situation remains under investigation.

"That's it", the officer says and begins to punch her multiple times in the head. The officer then says, "You're about to get dropped". "I think no matter the situation, I don't think a woman should be beaten that way", said Morgan Stevens.

The violent arrest was caught on video on Saturday and posted to social media, and has since been viewed over six million times. "I think we could have done a better job at trying to explain to her, but it didn't appear Ms. Weinman wanted to hear what we had to say".

Police on Wednesday said the incident could have gone another direction. "The officers were on top of her on the ground and that's when I just decided - there's so much going on everywhere - why not, just in case [record the incident]". "She tried to tell us it was okay for her to possess alcohol and that doesn't make any sense". The officer tries to grab Weinman, who backed away from him.

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