Justice report provides ammo for both Trump, critics

Justice report provides ammo for both Trump, critics

FBI Director Christoper Wray said "nothing" in the report "impugns" the integrity of the FBI workforce and that while the report found "errors in judgment" and policy violations, it found no evidence of political bias or improper consideration "actually impacting the investigations under review". The disclosures about the range of candid political and other opinions that Page traded with Strzok on their official government mobile phones has been an embarrassment for the bureau. Comey said had he known earlier about the laptop's import it might have affected his decision to notify Congress.

The president's lawyers want to paint the dismissal as something he was both authorized to do under the Constitution and correct to do based on Comey's performance.

"But my emails", Clinton said, reacting in a three-word tweet. "We're going to confront any problems and we're going to deal with them one by one in a proper, fair and appropriate way", Sessions said Friday during an address to law enforcement at Lackawanna College in Scranton, Pennsylvania. "There was total bias", Trump told Fox News' "Fox and Friends", adding that "it was a pretty good report", but the "IG blew it at the very end".

"The damage caused by these employees' actions extends far beyond the scope of the... investigation and goes to the heart of the FBI's reputation for neutral factfinding and political independence", the report said. He is likely to use the harsh assessment of Comey as validation for his decision to fire him, an act now central to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether the president sought to obstruct justice.

Earlier this month, the president asked, "When will people start saying, 'thank you, Mr. President, for firing James Comey?'".

President Trump and his allies in and outside of government have used the chaos at the FBI to attack the credibility of the ongoing investigation into Russian election interference - and whether anyone in his campaign helped.

Comey's firing on May 9 of a year ago was the first in a series of steps that led to the appointment of an independent special counsel. Mueller removed Strzok from his team previous year after an internal investigation uncovered the texts.

"Doesn't get any lower than that!"

The report will also discuss Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two Federal Bureau of Investigation staffers whom Republicans accused of bias against Trump after thousands of text messages sent via their work-issued mobile phones were made public.

In addition to harboring anti-Trump sentiments, it seems Strzok and Page may have had negative feelings toward Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president, and his supporters.

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Strzok replied: "you and I both know the odds are nothing".

But Trump's claim was baseless: the report made no conclusions about the president's involvement.

Trump also took aim at Comey - who he fired in May 2017 and whose reputation he has since sought to tarnish in the expectation he could be a witness against him in the encroaching Russian Federation investigation.

But in a twist that might have come straight out of the laptop of a Hollywood screenwriter, Page and Strzok's correspondence has arguably wound up giving a huge political boost to Trump.

Read the report's executive summary here. The report did not examine or make any conclusions about the continuing special counsel investigation.

While polls have shown a majority of Americans believe Trump should cooperate with the investigation, recent polling suggests an increasing number of people have begun to view the investigation as politically motivated.

THE FACTS: Trump was referring to Mueller's team.

Trump is yet again insisting there was "No Collusion and No Obstruction of the fabricated No Crime" and is accusing Democrats of making up "a phony crime", paying "a fortune to make the crime sound real", and then "Collud (ing) to make this pile of garbage take on life in Fake News!" "The IG report yesterday went a long way to show that".

More importantly than anything, it totally exonerates me.

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