Netflix just confirmed that it is testing its most expensive plan ever

Netflix just confirmed that it is testing its most expensive plan ever

If Netflix decides to go forward with the new Ultra plan, then the existing Premium will drop from four concurrent streams to just two. In Europe, however, this Ultra tier is being pitched at €16.99 - or around £15.

That would amount to an indirect price hike, as former Standard and Premium subscribers might migrate to higher price tiers.

In some cases, the new addition has resulted in the number of simultaneous streams on the Premium plan being halved from 4 to 2. Basic gives you access to SD resolution, Standard gives you access to HD resolution, and Premium covers 4K resolution and HDR. Based on current pricing, Netflix would charge $16.99 in the U.S. The only difference with the Ultra plan is that it supports HDR video and HD audio, and four screens can use the subscription at the same time.

The operator's prices have been slowly creeping up following a series of increases over the last two years.

According to TuttoAndroid, users in Italy have noticed a new "Ultra" plan costing an additional €3.

The spokesperson added that not everyone will see the test taking place, and the company may not even implement the new subscription tier.

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According to Italian blog site Tutto Android, Netflix is testing a couple variants of a fourth tier.

The spokeswoman also clarified that the test is being conducted on a limited number of people, and not all Netflix subscribers will get the specific price points and features.

What would convince you to pay €19.99 for Netflix? FlatpanelsHD was not able to confirm the details on Netflixs European webpages.

Netflix appears on the verge of creating a new, higher priced tier of service.

While this makes things look disappointing, it should be noted that this is simply a test and Netflix says it's trying to "better understand how customers value Netflix".

Similarly, the Standard subscription might be downgraded to just one display.

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