Woman live tweets budding romance, sends Twitter into frenzy

Woman live tweets budding romance, sends Twitter into frenzy

Sure enough, seconds later a "tall, handsome athletic man with a bit of a scruffy beard" turned up, helped the woman with her bag, and the pair sat down and began to chat.

Former professional soccer player Euan Holden confirmed he was involved in the in-flight interaction, telling Blair that the unidentified woman felt "positively" despite all of the attention.

Rosey Blair live-tweeted from her flight after she asked another passenger to change seats so she could sit next to her boyfriend.

Netizen Rosey Blair shared on Twitter how she unexpectedly became Cupid when she asked to switch seats with a passenger. As if ripped from a tagline of a '90s romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock, a woman may have just cast herself as the lead's best friend. So Rosey requested the woman next to her to switch seats - and joked that maybe the woman's new seat partner "would be the love of her life".

Will they find love?

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She also notes that neither of them are wearing a wedding ring - a good sign for their potential relationship. Then, she noticed both strangers hit it off.

Blair watched as the two followed each other on Instagram, which is where she eventually found both of them after making it home.

"She's very attractive, fun, bubbly, natural", he said.

Love was in the air on an Alaska Airlines flight from New York City to Dallas Monday.

Blair posted a photo showing the two walking close together after reaching the airport. Since the rise in social media notoriety, Holden updated his Twitter bio to add "Newly nicknamed "Plane Bae.'" There is no word on whether Holden and the unidentified woman are still talking or have plans to see one another again".

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