Pompeo Gives Kim Jong Un Trump Signed Copy Of 'Rocket Man' CD

Pompeo Gives Kim Jong Un Trump Signed Copy Of 'Rocket Man' CD

Trump had referred to Kim as "little rocket man" as tensions mounted between the two nations late previous year.

Trump is said to have written a message on the CD for Kim.

US SECRETARY of State Mike Pompeo has touched down in Pyongyang to press Kim Jong-un for a more detailed commitment to denuclearisation - and he has brought with him a freakish gift for the North Korean dictator from US President Donald Trump.

Mr Trump reportedly asked Kim in their historic June meeting in Singapore if he knew the song, but Kim didn't.

Now, he'll be able to hear the tune, and maybe return the favour with a mix tape.

Former CIA Chief of Station Daniel Hoffman said Friday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo faces an "extraordinary challenge" in getting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to commit to a timeline for denuclearization.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew to North Korea on Thursday to talk about denuclearization.

ABC News' Tara Palmieri reported Kim Yong Chol told Pompeo he would have to pay taxes for his frequent visits to North Korea.

Pompeo said he was seeking to "fill in" some details on North Korea's commitments and maintain the momentum towards implementing the agreement from the summit, according to the pool report.

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Pompeo would not confirm the CD gift to USA reporters embedded with him.

The lawmaker's remarks come as Pompeo met with officials to "fill in" details on how to dismantle the North's nuclear program and recover the remains of US troops missing from the Korean War.

Hoffman ended by saying negotiations with the Soviet Union under President Reagan took years to play out and the situation with North Korea is still in its early days.

"If they're serious, then we can get down to the business of defining the terms of final denuclearization", said one official.

According to reports in South Korean media, Mr Pompeo was carrying an Elton John CD, more specifically a copy of John's "Rocket Man".

The top United States diplomat, who will be staying overnight in the North Korean capital for the first time, said he looked forward to a "very productive" encounter.

"The more you come, the more trust we can build between one another".

While missile and nuclear tests have halted, one official said, "there's no evidence that they are decreasing stockpiles, or that they have stopped their production".

News reports over the weekend cited US intelligence sources as questioning the North's commitment to abandoning its nuclear arsenal.

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