Blue Origin launches spacecraft higher than in prior attempts

Blue Origin launches spacecraft higher than in prior attempts

Dubbed Mission 9, the flight test aimed to evaluate the performance of Blue Origin's reusable New Shepard system in yet another extreme scenario, by simulating an emergency escape situation in which the crew capsule had to perform "a high-altitude escape motor test - pushing the rocket to its limits", the company announced on Twitter on July 17.

A critical test was conducted and succeeded on several levels for Blue Origin at their Texas facility.

About 20 seconds (and 100 feet) after the New Shepard and the crew capsule separates, the motor on the capsule will fire with 70k foot pounds of thrust, sending the capsule 50,000 ft higher than it has gone before. It was the ninth test flight and lasted 11 minutes.

Sir Richard Branson founder of Virgin Galactic with his Spaceship Two and White Knight Two carrier aircraft
Blue Origin plans high-altitude escape test on suborbital launch Wednesday

A crew capsule mounted on top of the New Shepard rocket will carry experiments and a dummy nicknamed "Mannequin Skywalker" to simulate the experience passengers will see on future flights. Bezos, its founder, heads up Amazon. Blue Origin responded to the report, saying the company has not set ticket prices, and does not plan to sell rides until some time after New Shepard makes its first test flight with humans on-board.

Blue Origin views suborbital space tourism as a stepping-stone to much bigger things. This time, the company continued work toward increasing the robustness of WIFI in space with an antenna created to withstand the rigors of a rocket demonstration.

But Virgin Galactic, founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, is also racing to be the first - with both companies using radically different technology. Tickets will be available by next year. The representative of the company Jeff Bezos said that the price of such "trips" will be 200-300 thousand dollars. It was flown once before on Blue Origin in April 2018. "Anyone predicting dates is guessing", according to the statement.

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