‘Fortnite’s’ Playground Mode Returns This Week

‘Fortnite’s’ Playground Mode Returns This Week

In Battle Royale, the Battlebus has been decorated to join in with the birthday celebration and after players drop out they will also find cake slices dotted around the map which add +5 to both health and shield once consumed. Epic is also bringing back the popular Playground Mode on Wednesday with a bevy of additions, including the ability to switch teams in-game, increased drop rates for ammo and bounce pads, and golf carts (which now spawn every time). The patch also fixes some in-game bugs.

Remember when it didn't have Battle Royale?

You won't even need pay for a Battle Pass to get the rewards from these special challenges. The changes it's making in version 5.10 might seem small on paper, but they have big implications for the way end-game confrontations will play out.

In the meantime, fans have more limited-time modes besides Playground to look forward to this season.

Other changes include health adjustments to building materials. We expect the game to come back online later today, seeing as Epic has promised a host of birthday challenges that will run until August 7.

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The new compact submachine gun has a 50-round capacity and uses light bullets. This means if you're at 25 health you'll be able to heal fully with the Slurp Juice but won't receive any bonuses to your shield.

Loot drop rates have also been increased nearly across the board, so you'll have more chances to find the guns and items you want.

Still, frequent players will be pleased to see a new "sprint by default" option. Three cheers to Epic for helping save our thumbs.

Slurp Juice Buff Suggestion from r/FortNiteBREpic Games employee EpicEricSw stated in a post on the thread that the Slurp Juice would be getting a major change in its mechanics in the upcoming v5.10 content update. That leaves just the regular pistols still available as the game's only sidearms.

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