Hepatitis awareness camp at hospital

Hepatitis awareness camp at hospital

Urban people are found to have a higher prevalence of Hepatitis B of 5.4 per cent compared with 3.8 per cent among their rural counterparts. People who are not already infected with hepatitis B can prevent hepatitis D by getting vaccinated against hepatitis B.

The event is organized by the WHO in cooperation with the Mongolian government to mark World Hepatitis Day.

Hepatology Society General Secretary Shahinul Alam said 60% of cases of liver cirrhosis in Bangladesh were caused by HBV, while 30% was due to HCV.

Delayed treatment can lead to liver cancer In all cases, proper care and regular check-ups remain essential.

"Millions of people across the world and in the WHO South-East Asia Region are infected with viral hepatitis without knowing. less than one in 10 infected people are estimated to know their status", WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia Poonam Khetrapal Singh said. Those who develop chronic hepatitis, subsequently develop cirrhosis which has effect on the brain and bleeding or jaundice and then end up requiring a transplant or they develop a liver cancer. "And you can't just simply say to someone, you're hepatitis-C positive, you can go down the street and see a doctor".

Free hepatitis testing in downtown PG
Around 80% of people don't realise hepatitis C can lead to cancer

As fighting Hepatitis C is a big challenge for the country, a recent change in the treatment of oral medications has revolutionised the treatment response to the diseases. About 130-170 million people worldwide are chronically infected with hepatitis C virus, and more than 250,000 people die from hepatitis C-related liver diseases each year. Numerous cases in individuals younger than 35 years of age have been linked to injection drug use.

Medical experts specialising in the field of Hepatitis treatment and liver diseases were on the spot to answer the queries of the visitors.

Ahead of the World Hepatitis Day (WHD) in July 28, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and partners have called for urgent increase in testing and treatment services to reduce 1.34 million lives lost to hepatitis B and C.

Around 200,000 people in the United Kingdom are thought to be living with chronic HCV, yet challenges in awareness remain a barrier to timely diagnosis and treatment. AIR correspondent reports that Viral hepatitis is inflammation of the liver due to a viral infection. Together, hepatitis B and C causes two in every three liver cancer deaths across the world. Increased injection safety in health facilities is likewise critical. At Amida Care we've treated over 1,200 members for Hepatitis C, with a 95% cure rate. Washing your hands can surprisingly prevent both Hepatitis A and E. It is also of great importance that safe sex be practised because Hepatitis B has a tendency to spread from one person to another through unsafe sexual contact.

Inflammation of the liver (commonly known as hepatitis) can result from viral infection and as all the symptoms are almost close enough, without a diagnostic test, it is impossible to differentiate.

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