McDonald's to circulate its own currency redeemable for a FREE Big Mac

McDonald's to circulate its own currency redeemable for a FREE Big Mac

McDonald's revealed Sunday their new global food currency MacCoin, a coin redeemable for one free Big Mac.

The hope is that the 50,000 coins up for grabs in Canada, and another 6,150,000 in 49 more countries around the globe, will begin to circulate quickly and be seen as one of the QSR's biggest global PR activations to date, adds Grachnik. "We think the Big Mac needs to be sacrosanct".

According to the Chicago-based fast-food chain operator, starting August 2 customers can receive a MacCoin with the purchase of a Big Mac at 14,000 restaurants around the US while supplies last. In 2007, the Big Mac Museum Restaurant was established in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, to honor the juicy burger.

Suggesting the global appeal of the iconic burger, there are seven languages featured across the various designs: Arabic, English, Indonesian, Mandarin, Portuguese, French and Spanish. There are five different designs, each representing a decade in which the Big Mac has been sold: The '70s showcases flower power; the '80s focuses on pop art; the '90s has some abstract shapes; the '00s suggests tech advancements (that seemed cool more than a decade ago); and the '10s coin is meant to call attention "to the evolution of communication", according to McDonald's.

'August 2 would have been his 100th birthday, and I believe he would be very proud knowing his humble sandwich has made such a lasting impression that people all around the world can enjoy it wherever they find a McDonald's'.

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In 1986, The Economist started using the Big Mac Index as a way of measuring the purchasing power of worldwide currency.

Delligatti died in 2016 at 98 and his legacy continues to this day.

"Clearly, we've gotten a little more sophisticated in our menu development", Easterbrook told the AP in an interview. But McDonald's still hasn't changed its burger.

One of the Delligatti family's restaurants celebrates the iconic sandwich and its history by doubling as the Big Mac Museum.

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