Trump claims Americans need IDs to buy groceries

Trump claims Americans need IDs to buy groceries

President Trump has been blasted online for being "out of touch" after suggesting people need to show ID when buying groceries.

Additionally, other Trump supporters arrived to the rally waving signs pushing the Seth Rich murder theories - another far-right conspiracy that claims the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton are behind the killing of a young DNC staffer in Washington, D.C. "'It's OK. We can take it.' These are incredible people".

His trip on Tuesday - his second to the Tampa area since he became president - included a workforce development event at Tampa Bay Technical High School, followed by the rally at the fairgrounds, to support the gubernatorial bid of Rep. Ron DeSantis.

"You know, if you want to go out and you want to buy groceries you need a picture on a card, you need ID", Trump said.

Donald Trump for some reason believes that grocery shoppers must present a photo ID to make their purchases. "We have to make sure Rick Scott wins, and wins big". "The only time I see Bill Nelson is five months before every election".

Aeromexico plane carrying 101 people crashes in northern Mexico
Soon after the accident, Governor Jose Rosas Aispuro wrote on Twitter that there were no official figures on deaths or injuries. The passengers walked back across the muddy field to the end of runway and waited there for emergency vehicles.

In a Fox News appearance Wednesday, Putnam said that he remains the best candidate to help the administration achieve its agenda in Florida despite Trump's endorsement of his opponent. The board questions whether Trump consulted with his former strategist Stephen Bannon, writing, "the shutdown threat fits Mr. Bannon's midterm election strategy, which is to stress issues that polarize the electorate to drive voter turnout among the Trump base".

He spent much of the rally highlight strong economic numbers and praising DeSantis as "a tough, brilliant cookie".

Polls in the last week show DeSantis leading Putnam - as many voters have already received absentee ballots, early voting begins in mid-August, and the primary is just four weeks away.

Florida represented a crucial triumph for Trump in the 2016 presidential election and the president has maintained a steady presence in the state, returning frequently to his winter home in Palm Beach.

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