Apple Boots Alex Jones From iTunes For Hate Speech

Apple Boots Alex Jones From iTunes For Hate Speech

On Monday, Facebook also removed four pages belonging to Alex Jones for "repeatedly posting content over the past several days" that breaks its community standards.

The company said it "unpublished" the four pages after receiving reports that they contained content "glorifying violence" and used "dehumanizing language" to describe Muslims, immigrants and transgender people.

Facebook has removed four pages for Infowars and its founder, right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, citing violations of its hate speech and bullying policies.

The theories he has promoted include that the September 11, 2001 attacks on NY and Washington were staged by the USA government.

Although Infowars promotes some conspiracy theories that are far outside the mainstream - for example, that 9/11 was actually orchestrated by the US government - it also reports on current events just as other media do. And Google also removed the Alex Jones channel from its platform.

While Jones has been widely criticized for spreading fake news-like "Pizzagate", the completely baseless claim that senior Democrats were running a pedophile ring in the basement of a DC pizzeria-disseminating untrue information isn't considered grounds for removing content from either YouTube or Facebook. Note that Apple didn't just zap single offending podcasts, but rather the listings for whole podcast titles. Facebook was clear in its statement, however, that the reason for its crackdown on Jones' accounts was due to hate-speech violations, not false statements. "Spotify can confirm it has removed specific episodes of The Alex Jones Show podcast for violating our hate content policy".

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"This account has been terminated for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines", a notice on Jones's YouTube channel states. While Apple only provided a indexing platform for the podcasts and did not host the shows itself, such a move will severely limit the reach of the InfoWars programs. Families of Sandy Hook victims have filed lawsuits against Jones for defamation.

Companies wary of accusations of censorship have until now refrained from taking action against Jones, but Dockray said that Jones's increased rhetoric made the decisions to block Infowars an easy call.

The bans and deletions come as big tech companies have faced intense scrutiny and criticism over their role in the spread of bogus news stories and the incitement of hatred - and their potential use as tools to manipulate voters and public opinion.

Early Monday Spotify hardened its stance against Jones.

And one of the site's editors Paul Joseph Watson addressed the action taken by Facebook in a post on Twitter saying, "this sets a chilling precedent for free speech".

Jones is verified on Twitter, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment about whether Jones has violated any of the site's policies.

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