Giuliani Lashes Out At Those Who Criticize Trump in Woodward's Book

Giuliani Lashes Out At Those Who Criticize Trump in Woodward's Book

Woodward describes several instances where Trump administration officials - chief economic adviser Gary Cohn and White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter, in particular - removed documents from the president's desk to keep Mr Trump from signing them.

The book also details Trump's preoccupation with the Mueller investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 US presidential election and whether Trump's campaign colluded with that effort. Woodward tells Trump he had contacted multiple officials to attempt to interview Trump and was rebuffed. "He's an idiot", Kelly said of Trump.

The call lasted approximately 11 minutes, much of which was spent by Mr. Trump trying to convince Woodward that he would have loved to talk to him prior to the book being completed, despite the fact that Woodward reached out repeatedly to the White House for an interview with the president. He's gone off the rails.

'The idea I ever called the president an idiot is not true, ' he said in a statement.

In late July the Washington Post reported Bob Woodward had secretly been working on a new book on President Trump called Fear, and now the paper is back with details from it.

Supposedly, Trump also called Sessions "mentally retarded". The president denied anyone stealing material from his desk, as is claimed in the book, and said Woodward has "a lot of credibility problems".

Bob Woodward describes Trump's White House as having undergone "no less than an administrative coup d'etat".

In a statement on Tuesday, Mattis dismissed the book as "a uniquely Washington brand of literature" and said the contemptuous words about Trump attributed to him "were never uttered by me or in my presence".

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Well, at least the president is aware of how bad it sounded when he blamed the protesters rallying to oppose white supremacy for violence that erupted at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, about a year ago. The Post released audio of Trump expressing surprise about the book in an August conversation with Woodward and dismay that he did not have an opportunity to contribute. "This is the worst job I've ever had". The national security team developed options for the more conventional airstrike that Trump ultimately ordered.

So what we have here is a White House where many of Trump's senior aides think he's erratic, unhinged, risky and above all an idiot.

According to the book, Mr Trump told Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that he wanted to have Mr Assad assassinated after the Syrian president launched a chemical attack on civilians in April 2017.

The alleged assassination plot is only one of many explosive revelations included in Woodward's book on Trump's first 18 months in office.

At the time, she was assistant to Republican National Committee chief of staff Katie Walsh. "You walk around this place and act like you're in charge, and you're not". Woodward describes a meeting at the National Security Council in January, during which Trump repeatedly questioned Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis about why the United States spends so much money and time in the Korean Peninsula.

■John Dowd, then Trump's personal attorney, staged a practice session to see if Trump would commit perjury if he were questioned by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Dowd is quoted as telling the president, "Don't testify". "It's just made up", he told the Daily Caller. Dowd, for instance, insists he was misquoted. They told Mueller they were afraid the transcript would leak and leaders overseas would conclude Trump was an "idiot". I don't want you doing any more negotiations. "Don't testify. It's either that or an orange jumpsuit", he reportedly said. "You are not a good witness", Dowd said.

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