Gordon Moving Quickly Across Eastern Gulf Of Mexico

Gordon Moving Quickly Across Eastern Gulf Of Mexico

The National Weather Service says the tropical storm will gather strength as it heads through the Gulf of Mexico and may be at or near hurricane force as it makes landfall Tuesday night along the MS or Alabama coast.

Hurricane warnings stretch from the Florida/Alabama border to the Louisiana/Mississippi border as the storm center is most likely to strike along the Mississippi or Alabama coastline. I literally had to grab his hand and help him. Forecasters say little change in strength is expected in coming days and no coastal watches or warnings are in effect. "It's been a good summer, and hopefully this won't do too much damage".

Gordon grew in size and achieved tropical-storm-force winds remarkably fast.

After marching up from the Florida Keys and lashing South Florida on Monday with rain, Gordon was centered Tuesday morning over the Gulf of Mexico, about 190 miles east-southeast of the Mississippi River's mouth, with maximum sustained winds of 65 mph.

By Monday afternoon the storm had passed over Florida's southern tip. Maximum sustained winds were clocked at 60 miles per hour.

The Florida Keys have already experienced the heavy rain and wind from the tropical storm.

In Louisiana, Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency Monday and said 200 National Guard troops will be deployed to southeastern Louisiana.

Tropical Storm Gordon forms near Florida Keys
The system was lashing Florida with tropical-storm-force winds and heavy rains Monday morning, according to the hurricane center. After moving northwest, the next landfall for Gordon will likely be somewhere in southeastern Louisiana or southern Mississippi.

To make matters worse, the National Hurricane Center is warning Gulf Coast residents to watch for a "life-threatening" storm surge.

At 11 p.m. Monday, the storm is continuing a west-northwestward to northwestward motion. Many replies to various National Weather Service accounts or other outlets with their pleas that the storm veer spontaneously away, as the Gulf coast is still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

In New Orleans, a voluntary evacuation order is in effect for people who live in neighborhoods that are not protected by levees. The main threats here in Middle Georgia include the chance of some severe storms Tuesday and (possibly) Wednesday along the outer bands of the storm.

The main weather story across the southeast is Tropical Storm Gordon.

A Storm Surge Warning is in effect from Shell Beach, Louisiana, to the Mississippi-Alabama border.

The storm's predicted track had shifted slightly east as of Monday evening, meaning Louisiana is now just outside the area under the hurricane warning. It is about 1,205 miles west-northwest of the Cabo Verde Islands and about 1,300 miles east-northeast of the Lesser Antilles.

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