by | May 22, 2018 | 22:54

It pegged turnout at only 46.1 percent, down from 80 percent in 2013. "I am a better-prepared president and human being right now", he said to a cheering crowd outside Miraflores presidential palace. The statement said the countries would call their ambassadors back from Caracas for consultations and hold a meeting to coordinate a regional response to what they call "crisis" in Venezuela.

by | May 22, 2018 | 22:28

Sunday, President Trump demanded an investigation to look into whether the FBI planted a spy in his campaign. Nunes, who has repeatedly been blamed by Democrats for being the leaker, was referring to reports by the New York Times and the Washington Post , describing the informant as someone who supposedly had contacts with members of President Trump's campaign.

by | May 18, 2018 | 11:15

Though Black Ops 4 gives players the opportunity to team up with friends to fight off undead hordes, it's doing so in a new way. In the introduction we learned about changes to weapons, specialists are back with loads of new abilities and you now have to heal your character in the game instead of it automatically happening.

by | May 17, 2018 | 01:25

If the vote fails and Net Neutrality is stripped away, internet service providers will have free rein to impose fast lanes, as well as the blocking and slowing of websites so long as the user is given notice. "(The Communications Act of 1934) regulations that put consumers first". Announcing that Democrats would force a vote on the repeal of net neutrality, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY said in a statement , "Soon the American people will know which side their member of ...

by | May 14, 2018 | 05:14

Thousands of user reportedly complained about the issue they faced. While the majority of MacBooks and MacBook Pros are obviously working fine with the new keyboards, a substantial number of users have reported problems. At that time, senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller was quoted saying that "the keyboard was four times more stable than that scissor mechanism".

by | May 12, 2018 | 07:32

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's vow came as senior U.S. officials expressed growing optimism ahead of the landmark June 12 summit between Kim and President Donald Trump. "We reaffirmed that our goal is to achieve the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula", she added, promising "air-tight" coordination.

by | May 12, 2018 | 07:27

There's now no news on when this new Snapchat redesign will make its way to Android . Snapchat recently confirmed a test that brings Stories from friends into the Discover tab, creating less of (but not completely bridging) the separation between brands and friends.

by | May 09, 2018 | 00:37

However, Wong was unable to post a story with the music sticker . A new track identification service was also found buried in the code, meaning Instagram could soon display a track's name and the artist behind it. Tapping on it further presents the "Search Music" option along with different tabs like Trending, Moods and Genres. Now it looks like the company is planning to add a new feature that will let users add music to their Instagram Stories.

by | May 08, 2018 | 01:09

The petitioners contended that Naidu's decision to reject the notice is " ex facie illegal, arbitrary, and violative of Article 14 of the Constitution" that guarantees equality before law. He states that there was no substantial merit in it. He said the CJI can not order for listing, therefore the senior-most judge of this court must pass some orders as it was a matter of constitutional importance.According to Sibal, this type of situation had not arisen before and the court should pass an ...

by | May 05, 2018 | 19:36

Users can even change the color of the notification bar. It also meets MIL-STD 810G requirements. The LG G7 ThinQ comes with an iPhone X-like notch on top of the display . So just a few hours ago, LG has officially announced the G7 ThinQ mode. The company claims that this increase in base sound level is equivalent to ten times the loudness of a regular smartphone available today.

by | May 03, 2018 | 15:58

The loss itself occured in 2016 when a subcontractor (Fuki Xerox) seemingly misplaced the data stored on tape drives. Although ongoing monitoring may protect from any fraud or theft targeted at CBA accounts, do customers have a right to know when the names, addresses, and detailed finances of 12 million customers are misplaced? It's understood two magnetic tapes that contained customer statements were scheduled for destruction by the bank when they disappeared in May 2016.

by | May 03, 2018 | 15:56

Carret Asset Management LLC now owns 127,621 shares of the iPhone maker's stock valued at $18,380,000 after purchasing an additional 5,458 shares during the last quarter. The business also recently disclosed a quarterly dividend, which will be paid on Thursday, May 17th. The biggest overhaul of the USA tax code in more than 30 years, the new law slashes the corporate income tax rate to 21% from 35% and charges multinationals a one-time tax on profits held overseas.

by | May 02, 2018 | 01:42

Fitbit will use the API to ensure that its data is safely transferred to Google's cloud. "This collaboration will accelerate the pace of innovation to define the next generation of healthcare and wearables ", he added. This will save Fitbit from having to reinvent the wheels all over again as they are getting to make good use of existing facility without having to set up one of their own.

by | May 02, 2018 | 01:31

If you pay for a Season 4 Battle Pass you'll automatically unlock two new skins: a military commando called Battlehawk and a futuristic exosuit titled Carbide. The mobile version made $15 million in a single month . Because of this, many of each games' 100 players will flock to Tilted Towers, and the person who survives ends up with a lot of strong weapons.

by | April 27, 2018 | 00:27

Initially fans believed that Tilter Towers - the urban environment and most heavily player concentrated area of the map - would be the target of the meteors , leading to its eventual demolition. Superheroes have been a popular subject for some time and " Fortnite " would be an even more popular game with players if certain superheroes or certain superhero abilities were incorporated into the next season.

by | April 25, 2018 | 15:16

BMW has made significant progress in powertrain development, culminating in the fifth-generation eDrive electric system. The operating area, poundage, packaging space, and flexibility come courtesy of the fresh introduction of new technologies too.

by | April 24, 2018 | 05:01

If this were any other woman, I would be inclined to come to her defense and give her all the benefits of all the doubts that she genuinely felt attacked by being asked about the contents of her husband's tweets , in which he suggested that Trump's penchant for contradicting aides is "absurd".

by | April 20, 2018 | 01:31

They are yet to pick up an away point in 2018 - and are soon to face Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals of the Europa League . Arsenal supporters' liaison officer Mark Brindle said: "We know our match in Madrid is already shaping up to be an expensive one for our supporters with the early May Bank Holiday increasing travel costs".

by | April 19, 2018 | 02:10

While the Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead led into a highly-anticipated, gimmick-laden episode of Fear the Walking Dead , the AMC zombie show couldn't shake an issue that's been plaguing it for years. The season premiere of FearTWD had a pretty big time jump to bring the two shows onto the same timeline. Before the "Alexandria-Hilltop-Kingdom" forces met Negan and the "Saviors" on an open field, the group noticed something in the distance and this was when Jerry said: "Have ...

by | April 19, 2018 | 02:05

Investors seemed to like the partnership: Best Buy's stock rose 4 percent Wednesday. The new Fire TV Edition televisions are 4K sets that have Amazon's Fire platform built in . That "incredible user experience" that Fire TV Edition delivers, as Joly referenced, includes the ability to use one's voice to shop right from their couch.

by | April 17, 2018 | 20:20

The new service will be related to news and following Apple's acquisition of the Texture app, the news subscription service seems like a good move. It has become a great source of information for iPhone and iPad users over the years. The Post, Journal, and New York Times all charge more than Texture's current total price for most of its individual digital subscriptions.

by | April 17, 2018 | 20:19

The US government banned sales by American companies to China's ZTE Corp to punish the Chinese telco equipment maker for paying full bonuses to employees who engaged in the illegal sales of equipment to Iran, for failing to issue letters of reprimand to those employees, and then lying about it to US authorities.

by | April 15, 2018 | 00:53

The Tagansky District Court of Moscow ruled to restrict access to Telegram messenger in Russian Federation. The Virgin Islands-registered company has over 9.5 million users in Russian Federation, according to researcher Mediascope. Over 200 million people around the world use Telegram , making it the ninth-most popular communications app. Security services made the demand under a series of laws passed in 2016 with the stated intention of fighting terrorism.

by | April 14, 2018 | 20:19

Representatives from the Treasury Department, Federal Financing Bank, Office of Management and Budget, and Office of Personnel Management will sit on the task force. The Postal Service is a government agency, but it operates as an independent business without direct taxpayer support. Analysts also note that the USPS retiree pension and health care cost structure account for a large part of the Postal Service's financial problems.

by | April 14, 2018 | 20:16

Moreover, Gmail will also allow you to set a deadline for certain emails, which, when reached, will trigger the automatic complete deletion of the chosen emails. Of course, these features won't restrict the receiver's ability to store the email's content via taking a screenshot or capture a photo from another device.

by | April 13, 2018 | 02:05

Another benefit of the data portability tool is how it can make quitting Instagram easier. "From a data perspective, it noted, Facebook and Instagram are the same". The tool will be helpful for users who want to extract what they have uploaded to Instagram . In its absence, users are tied to the social network and have to rely on potentially shady third-party data extraction apps.

by | April 12, 2018 | 00:34

The bundle includes traditional, on-demand Hulu (with ads) and Spotify Premium and costs $12.99, which is $4.99 less than separate subscriptions. This new plan will allow people to enjoy ad-free music on Spotify premium and Hulu with limited commercials.

by | April 11, 2018 | 12:51

At this point, if Focus detects a face, you should see the background of the shot blur slightly. Instagram just rolled out a new feature called Instagram Focus that ensures your selfies are on lock. That said, this Focus mode can be found in the Instagram Stories section sitting right next to the Superzoom option under the record button. Interestingly, this new addition is coming to the iPhone 6s and later.

by | April 10, 2018 | 19:51

A mere 11 months ago, Conte was stood pitch side at The Hawthorns watching his team clinch an assured 1-0 win over West Brom to become Premier League champions. Hart was needed, though, to salvage a point for the visitors as he made brilliant stops from Marcos Alonso and Olivier Giroud in the closing stages to do his hopes of starting for England at the World Cup no harm.

by | April 07, 2018 | 00:46

Park Geun-hye, the first woman to be elected as President of South Korea was declared guilty of multiple counts of abuse of power , bribery , and coercion by Seoul Central District Court. She has one week to appeal the verdict. The 49-year-old billionaire was found guilty of bribery and other corruption charges last year and sentenced to five years in prison, but in February a higher court reduced his sentence and suspended it for four years.

by | April 07, 2018 | 00:40

This means that if you're just looking for a way to make your home smarter, these bundles could be worth taking a look at which you can find on Amazon's website . It is a sweet feature for households that have not yet bought a second Echo speaker. You can have Alexa show your Cloud Cam feed on devices like a Fire tablet, Echo Show , or Fire TV as well.

by | April 07, 2018 | 00:38

Heading into their second-straight Frozen Four , the Notre Dame hockey team hopes last year's experience will help them this year in St. Paul. It's the first time since 2008 that the Wolverines have advanced to the Frozen Four . Evans somehow came up with the puck sandwiched between Cooper Marody and Dexter Dancs, and put the puck under goalie Hayden Lavigne for a picture ideal goal.

by | April 05, 2018 | 01:22

He was born and raised in Stockholm, where he founded Spotify in 2006. Sweden's flag is blue and yellow. A banner with the Spotify logo on it is seen as the company lists its stock on the New York Stock Exchange . Verna added that Spotify's business model of combining advertising revenue with subscription fees for its on-demand streaming service has "proven to be the most popular" compared with such competitors as Apple and Pandora.

by | April 05, 2018 | 01:22

According to Insomniac , the game's story will feature a confident Peter Parker/Spider-Man who, despite his experience, is still an underdog in the fight against the game's villains. You can start playing the new Spider-Man game on December 31, 2018. One of the special editions of the game is the Digital Deluxe Edition . Then there's the Collector's Edition, a $149.99 collection that features all the Digital Deluxe goodness, plus a Steelbook case, art book, and Spider-Man statue.

by | April 05, 2018 | 01:19

The leaders in these domains not only shape the path for technologies but refine them to an extent that it gets infused easily in an average human mind. It was only in 2016 that Apple allowed its employees to publish research in AI - something that's standard for AI researchers at Google and Facebook .