by | January 27, 2018 | 20:25

President Tayyip Erdogan on Friday said Turkish forces would sweep Kurdish militants from the Syrian border and could push all the way east to the frontier with Iraq, including Manbij - a move which risks a possible confrontation with US forces allied to the Kurds.

by | January 27, 2018 | 20:23

The stay of execution was granted by the court while the justices consider whether to take up Madison's case in which his lawyers argue he is no longer competent to face execution, noting this he has been diagnosed with vascular dementia and "is unable to recollect the sequence of events from the offense, to his arrest, to his trial and can no longer connect the underlying offense to his punishment".

by | January 26, 2018 | 02:49

The body was preserved with a high level of mercury which is often a sign that person has been treated for syphills. She was buried right in front of the altar, clearly well fed and was wearing good quality clothes, indicating she was just as wealthy as her distant grandson was destined to be.

by | January 26, 2018 | 02:49

Nothing can begin to be healed until Michigan State purges its ranks from the top, starting with the immediate demand from the board for Simon's resignation or then her firing outright. Simon will also get office space on campus and "secretarial support ", plus a lifetime of technical support for both her and her spouse. Simon has spent her entire professional career, more than 40 years, at MSU .

by | January 26, 2018 | 02:50

At the United Nations on Thursday, the US Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, also criticised the Palestinians, describing a recent speech by Abbas as indulging "in outrageous and discredited conspiracy theories". Israel regards Jerusalem as its "eternal and undivided" capital, while the Palestinians claim East Jerusalem - occupied by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war - as the capital of a future state.

by | January 26, 2018 | 02:48

The U.S. has announced new sanctions aimed at stopping the flow of capital and resources to North Korea's nuclear weapons program . This ambivalence was reflected in the reaction of the South Korean women's team coach Sarah Murray , as 12 North Korean hockey players arrived at the national training centre in Jincheon, 90km south of Seoul.

by | January 26, 2018 | 02:44

She reaffirmed her determination to face a possible jail punishment for carrying out the sanctuary cities policy in Oakland, a major port city of California on the US west coast. "You guys wouldn't be allowed to do that in your own networks and outlets, and the federal government can not allow people to act independently and completely ignore the law".

by | January 25, 2018 | 02:37

Hugh Masekela, the legendary South African jazz musician and anti-apartheid activist, has died after a decadelong fight with cancer. It's music that is understood most keenly by the people it is produced for, and it is why Masekela's music has been handed down, song by song, album by album, from generation to generation.

by | January 25, 2018 | 02:39

Not one to be left out of TV's current reboot frenzy, CBS is adding another vintage comedy to its lineup - Murphy Brown . The final season of " Murphy Brown " aired in 1998. Streaming service All Access has already launched a new Star Trek , and a reboot of The Twilight Zone is in the works. Television producers, who produced the original series.

by | January 25, 2018 | 02:36

Strzok and Ms. Page", Stephen Boyd, the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs at the Justice Department, wrote to Sen. Also troubling are missing text messages from 5 critical months. But now we can only speculate what level of misconduct occurred after President Trump took office. Then, the controversial anti-Trump dossier was published.

by | January 25, 2018 | 02:37

On Wednesday Myanmar authorities put the finishing touches to rudimentary reception camps to process the huge number of returning refugees expected to trickle back. Bangladesh says it's preparing for the transfer, but it might need more time. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the delay in the repatriations was a good idea and Washington was concerned about a lack of access for United Nations organisations.

by | January 25, 2018 | 02:20

Tillerson was speaking during a meeting hosted by France on an initiative to target those responsible for chemical attacks, largely in Syria , after an global investigation into who is to blame for chemical weapons attacks in Syria ended in November after Russian opposition.

by | January 23, 2018 | 02:26

Emergency services were notified just after 10am. Three helicopters, 17 ambulance crews, Fire and Rescue NSW crews and SES crews were on the scene. "I understand that the train on Platform 2 at Richmond has hit the buffers pretty hard", he told reporters.

by | January 23, 2018 | 02:22

Fitzgerald and Joffre both said at a news conference that they do not know the relationship between the victim and gunman. The injured girl, whose name was not released, was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. He said he had no information on her condition. After the shooting, the Italy ISD said arrangement would be made with the Region 10 ESC for grief counselors.

by | January 23, 2018 | 02:19

A number of national parks in the Bay Area are closed beginning today because of the government shutdown , though some may have areas that are accessible to visitors, the National Park Service said today. That means that people who filed claims or appeals regarding their benefits might face a longer delay in their wait for the government to address their claims.

by | January 23, 2018 | 02:21

Miller worked with Sen. Jeff Sessions, the current USA attorney general. Trump aide Stephen Miller . "I'm convinced that to continue the government shutdown - after this proposal - does more harm than good to our effort to find common ground", he said in a statement .

by | January 23, 2018 | 02:19

The justices, ruling just days after hearing oral arguments in the case, also state in their order that a new map will be in place by February 19 to use for the primary election scheduled for May 15, according to the case docket . The four justices in the majority are Democrats. The decision by the Pennsylvania court comes just a week after the U.S. Supreme Court delayed a lower court order in North Carolina that would have forced that state to redraw its congressional district as well.

by | January 23, 2018 | 02:02

The vote Monday will prove to be a test of unity and resolve among Democrats . Democrats have demanded protection from deportation of more than 700,000 undocumented immigrants who entered the USA as children. It's unclear whether the bill will gain enough votes to pass the Senate. "They blinked", principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah told CNN . "Not good!" Trump wrote .

by | January 22, 2018 | 02:38

Image of the scene at the Kabul hotel from the Daily Star. Security in Kabul has been ramped up since May 31 when a massive truck bomb killed some 150 people and wounded around 400 - mostly civilians. I tried to come down but I was heavy and my arms were not strong enough. As pressure on the battlefield has increased, officials have warned that the danger of attacks on high-profile targets in Kabul and other cities would increase.

by | January 22, 2018 | 02:36

The petition is the latest indication of the challenges ahead for Bangladesh and Myanmar as they try to engineer the return of refugees who fear continued military operations in Rakhine State and are dismayed about the prospect of a prolonged stay in "temporary camps" in Myanmar when they go back.

by | January 22, 2018 | 02:34

This means there is the potential for hazardous to risky travel along with threat to life if precautions are not taken. This is when temperatures will be near 32 but a change to just heavy, wet snow is then expected by mid-morning. The falling and blowing snow will reduce visibility to below a half mile at times, and open areas could experience near-blizzard conditions. They say if it happens like they think it's going to, travel will be "very hard to impossible, including during the morning ...

by | January 22, 2018 | 02:29

The Russian Defense Ministry said the United States contributed to the crisis in northern Syrian because it took steps "to isolate areas with predominantly Kurdish populations" and create border forces near Turkey . Turkish police used pepper gas to disperse pro-Kurdish protesters in Ankara and Istanbul on Sunday, detaining at least 12 people in Istanbul , Reuters witnesses said.

by | January 21, 2018 | 00:44

Although the cause of the fire has not been established yet, the government speculated that grass harvesters, who set it on fire, could have caused it as the flames had not reached the water body. Soon pictures and videos of the smoke and fire went viral even as various government agencies and Defence personnel doused the blaze, which also raised concerns about the apathy of civic agencies towards a recurring problem in the lake.

by | January 21, 2018 | 00:47

The mistake by Hawaii's EMA exposed a stunning lack of basic safeguards to prevent such a false warning, and to quickly correct such a mistake, instead of the almost 40 minutes it took the agency to do so. "They took responsibility. They made a mistake". Gov. David Ige and Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator Vern Miyagi will answer questions at Friday's hearing.

by | January 21, 2018 | 00:45

In this November 9 photo, Rene Boucher , center, appears in court for an arraignment hearing with his attorney, Matt Baker, left, at the Warren County Justice Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Boucher has reportedly agreed to a plea deal, although no future court dates have been set. "But I think really we usually don't ask if someone's raped or mugged or whatever why the person did it", Paul said.

by | January 21, 2018 | 00:41

Talking of World Economic Forum in an interview to a TV channel he said that it is world's biggest financial forum and the world economy is focussed on India. However, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan - who has clashed with the president in the past - said Trump had "got the message" that many Londoners were staunchly opposed to his policies and actions.

by | January 21, 2018 | 00:41

After his departure from CNCS, Samantha Jo Warfield, a spokesperson from the organization issued a statement that said: "Effective immediately, Carl Higbie has resigned as Chief of External Affairs at CNCS". "I really do. It's not a individual hit on any one soldier, it's the fact that they're mind has been weakened by their traumatic experience, and it needs to be addressed".

by | January 21, 2018 | 00:43

This report is not going to answer every question or even answer the biggest question as to why he did what he did, he said. "According to the report, Paddock's physician described him as "'odd" in behavior with "little emotion' shown". The shooter's brother Bruce Paddock has also been arrested after 600 child abuse images were found on his compter -in an incident unrelated to the shooting.

by | January 21, 2018 | 00:41

Meanwhile Macron , in a piece of diplomatic theatre on his first official trip across the Channel, is expected to confirm that France will loan Britain the Bayeux Tapestry , the famed embroidery recounting the 1066 Norman conquest. The funds will be allocated for the construction of a fence, as well as installation of CCTV and other detection technologies in Calais and other English Channel ports.

by | January 21, 2018 | 00:39

During her testimony, Nielsen said she did not remember hearing Trump say "sh*thole" when referring to immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and some African countries. Republicans are slamming Democratic Sen. The White House meeting on immigration included a bipartisan group of senators including Durbin. Sen. Lindsey Graham , R-South Carolina, said he wanted to talk about "two Trumps: the Tuesday Trump and the Thursday Trump" of last week.

by | January 20, 2018 | 08:12

Carillion was left mired in £1.3bn of debt as well as being saddled with a £600m pensions deficit. Business secretary Greg Clark said: "I welcome this quick and positive move by banks including Lloyds, HSBC and RBS". Corbyn told the Guardian , using the funding of Virgin's East Coast mainline franchise as an example, that the UK Government was not able to get the best deals from outsourcing firms, which could outbid each other by reducing their workers' terms and conditions.

by | January 20, 2018 | 08:15

England cruised to a four-wicket victory over Australia in Friday's second one-day cricket worldwide at the Gabba to take a 2-0 lead in their five-match series. "Really happy to reach this milestone". "It was far from our best performance with the bat, which is exciting in a way as we are 2-0 up in the series and we're still looking for our complete performance as a batting unit".

by | January 20, 2018 | 08:12

Introduced by Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California, This bill would amend the federal law that prohibits marijuana (the Controlled Substances Act) to say that penalties for owning or being involved with the production of marijuana do not apply for those following their state laws, essentially bringing power to states in a way that's more permanent than previous methods (like the Cole Memo ).

by | January 20, 2018 | 08:11

In the Bavarian Alps, a World Cup ski event was suspended as winds howled up to 126 miles per hour on the peaks. In southern Germany , high-speed ICE trains were running as normal on Friday morning, although the service in the rest of the country remained subject to major disruptions, rail operator Deutsche Bahn said.

by | January 20, 2018 | 08:13

Having passed the Commons the bill will enter the House of Lords where its progress will be anything but speedy. Commenting on Wednesday night's vote, Brexit Secretary David Davis said: "We are pleased that the bill has successfully completed this stage of its passage through Parliament ".